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Update for your closet: The red leatherjacket

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The leather jacket ist best must-have you can have in your closet. Also during the summer fashion week in Berlin, I could see several fashionistas with the favourite classy jacket. But most of them focus on the black model. I wondered: Why not try something new when going to Fashion Week? Today, I would like to show you why the red leather jacket is a great Up-Date in your closet.

Update for your closet: The red leatherjacket

If you have seen my latest looks, you might know that I love to try on different colours and materials. I rarely rest with one classy colour which is used for several outfits. So I really love to renew my fashion taste and just try new ways of style.

Why the leatherjacket is an allrounder

The leather jacket has great potential because it fits to many styles. Hence, it is a real must-have. But the classy black one becomes a little bit boring meanwhile and I tend to search for something more fresh for fashion week and for my wardrobe. Here I´ve already shown you one of my FW look and there I also wore a red jacket.

New Ways: We love red now!

Why Red? The colour Red is very charismatic and belongs to the trend colours of summer. Regardless of talking about a martim holiday look or an unique street style, red brings more power and expressiveness in a look. Furthermore, every colour has a special imagery and history. In fact, red is seen as symbol for love and attention. Did you know that in the middle-age only rich and higher-classed people could wear red because the colour was so expensive in its making-of. We could be glad, that today everyone could wear Red 😉

How I combine the red leatherjacket

Another great effect of the colour red is, that you don´t need much more accessory to let the look impress on others. In other words: Red has such an charisma for itself, that is enough. Due to the fact that leather is also a special material, the combination of red and leather is the best you can have as special highlight in your closet. By the way, my jacket ist by FREAKY NATION and I really love the good quality. On top I combine a print shirt by WODKA OGUREZ, jeans by ZARA, a bag by CHLOE and sandals by UNITED NUDE.


Jeans: ZARA





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