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Spring fragrances: The ones which make us happy

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

Here are the new spring fragrances 2017. Do you know it, when you associate a special smell with a certain season? In spring I love the smell of fresh flowers and I love to have a bouquet on my working desk. If I´m outside, the new fragrances Betty Barclay pure pastel mint and Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon by Betty Barclay give me the feeling of floral joie de vivre in spring. Today, I want to present you the new two spring fragrances 2017 and in top my personal beauty and fashion favourites of the current season.

Spring fragrances: The ones which make us happy

For me the smell of flowers and fresh citrus fruits are belonging to spring. Do you know why we connect special smells with seasons? A scientist specialized on smells by the Ruhr University of Bochum have explained in an interview with Pharmazeutische Zeitung, that we already have been  influenced by perceptions from our early childhood. The perspective of warm and longer sunny days is connected with fresh and bloomy smells by many of us. I think it is very exciting how memories are inspired by associations and smells.

The special effect of smells

Smells have a certain effect on us belonging to what we associate with them. Very interesting! In spring I feel so much energy and I really prefer colours. Moreover summer is coming soon and you could just enjoy the first ice cream sitting in the sun. For more happy feelings there are also the new spring fragrances Betty Barclay pure pastel mint and Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon. Both perfumes differ in their components, which I want to present you later  on. After all one thing already has been proved: Both perfumes smell as fresh and bloomy that I really can imagine that fabulous spring moments lay just in the small flacons to spray on.

How I start a new day in spring

For me a new day in spring starts not only with a cup of coffee and the perfect look, I also take time for watering my flowers. Concerning my outfit, I prefer light pastel colours and bright make up in spring. Especially colourful lips and feminine, flowing dresses are my favourite choice at the moment. It is very trendy to wear cool mint, lemon yellow or to combine red and rosé. All colours are real mood lifters.

#purepastel:  the new mood lifters by Betty Barclay

For happiness in spring and summer I love to use a perfume which underlines my well mood.  So I can´t live without the new Betty Barclay spring fragrances Betty Barclay pure pastel mint and Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon at the moment. You might imagine the smell, here are the indicators:

Betty Barclay pure pastel mint

A charming fragrance with fruity-wooden accords based on addons like rosé pepper, sandalwood and white musk.

What I love in addition: colored nails in mint and a white lace dress with beautiful jewellery.

Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon

A tender fragrance based on fresh-bloomy accords and creamy aroma like mandarin, citrus and musk.

This is matching perfectly: bright eye shadow, a colourful lipstick and a bomber with flower print.

Since, March 2017, both fragrances could be shopped in certain drug stores, in malls and the Specialist shops or online.

Which smell do you have in mind when thinking of spring? What do you think about the new spring fragrances by Betty Barclay?

Have a great day my loves :*

Hier könnt Ihr Euch auf das neue Duft Erlebnis #purepastel einstimmen:





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