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In the spotlight: New must-haves for your summer party

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

Lets go the next summer party with 1.2.3 PARIS. Would you like to rest outside the whole night? It gets dark late night and the evening is always quite warm regarding the temperatures. You might plan a great summer party in the garden with your friends? Whatever you choose, for each summer party we just need an exciting look. In collaboration with 1.2.3 PARIS I would like to give you a classy inspiration with special details in Bohemian Style.

In the spotlight: New must-haves for your summer party

What should not be missed on a great summer party in the evening? Happy People, warm temperatures, no mosquitos and of course an exciting look. This summer there are many different trends which might be amazing for a beautiful party outfit. So floral prints, off-shoulder and embroidered bags are highly demanded. For not spending all-time in front of the wardrobe, I want to share some styling inspiration with you today 😉

Focus on details: These ones I choose

The highlight of this look is definitely the special combination of colours. I have already told you in this posting, that you could try new mixtures of colours this season. In other words: I love red and rose/pink together in one look. In the past, people had avoided to mix these two colours, but  in 2017 fashionistas love the new combination. So just read my tips and then have a look at the 1.2.3 PARIS online shop for your red and rose/pink favourites.

How to combine the summer trend colours

In this case, I decided to wear strong colours which could shimmer at the summer party. Raspberry pink and bright red make us happy and look great with neutral colours. So the total look won´t be too overloaded. Furthermore I love the pink scarf when it is getting colder in the garden.

If it is getting cold in the evening

When you tend to freeze quickly, you could take a light jacket in ecru colour by 1.2.3 PARIS. Over the day it could be put over the shoulder or into the bag. In the evening it helds us warm in case of the summer wind.  The focus of this summer party look lays on the printed off-shoulder top and the sandals and not on jacket and stola. Due to the basic jeans by 1.2.3 PARIS both pieces have their great appearance.

Basics and exciting trend pieces for the perfect summer party look

Off-shoulder is the trend neckline for this summer and give us a feeling of freedom and air during the party. Moreover the pink sandals with heel by 1.2.3 PARIS look not only very elegant, but also support the effect of very long legs in combination with the ankle jeans. All in all, I have decided to mix basics like the linen blazer, the jeans and the jacket with exciting trend pieces. For this reason, you can vary the look as often as you want when you just choose another pair of shoes or a different bag.

How do you find my look? What is your next summer party?


Top Elixier: 1.2.3 PARIS

Blazer Assina: 1.2.3 PARIS

Jacket Quentin: 1.2.3 PARIS

Trousers Oliver: 1.2.3 PARIS

Stola Maeva: 1.2.3 PARIS

Sandals Jolie: 1.2.3 PARIS

Clutch Phibie: 1.2.3 PARIS


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