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Hello my loves,

a summer party with good friends makes the most of fun. Do you also belong to the type “spontaneous-planner” with less time? No problem. Together with KATLENBURGER I share with you my best Speed-Tips how to quickly arrange a great summer party in august

How to organize a spontaneous summer party with friends

Fiesta like there is no manana. This cute quote I was stumbling about recently and I thought: What about arranging a summer party. You might also belong to the type “spontaneous-planner” or you are a very busy workaholic. Suddenly you have this idea of a summer party in mind, you call your best friends and start in the evening.  Hence, you don´t know how the weather will look like tomorrow. Moreover it is simply amazing when you just meet your beloved ones for an harmonic get-together. Unfortunately there is my fully planned timetable which makes it not easy to arrange a summer party and I think many of you also couldn´t quit the office before 18 pm.

My 3 personal tips for an amazing summer party

But you needn´t miss a great summer party when you´re busy, because there are several tips how to organize and I also have a fruity secret from Katlenburg for you. So every summer party need something unique. Are you curious what Í´m talking about? Than just read my 4 speed tips for the next summer party.

The sweet secret from Katlenburg

If you have already made a bowle yourself, you would know how much time it could cost. But a party without drinks doesn´t work, do it? KATLENBURGER had a very unique idea: the so-called BOWLE TO GO. Yes, that’s not a joke. In a trendy glas bottle without too much decoration, you could shop a delicious BOWLE TO GO for you and the guest – ready to enjoy. There are two different tastes, strawberry and peach. I´m sure the BOWLE TO GO will draw everyone´s attention. Moreover you could also save time. Just take the bottles with you to your favourite party location and enjoy the fruity taste.

Just include the cooking skills from your guests

Just send an invitation concerning your summer party per mail or whatsapp with the demand for help. So ask everyone to take their favourite meal with them. This way, you could all taste different food and save time because everyone just prepare one single meal. I would propose that you organize a tablecloth to present the buffet.

What to dress when just heading from office?

The problem of spontaneous party often is that you don´t wear the best outfit. I save time when I choose a dress. The reason is that you just have one piece which could be quickly styled in different ways. You might take a second pair of shoes and some jewellery with you to the office. Now, you could change your office look in a party outfit.

If you don´t belong to the party planner and search for a little present

In August there are so many summer parties you might be invited for. So my favourite present is the BOWLE TO GO by KATLENBURGER. Hence, the bottle has this amazing retro design and I think the fruity mix tastes everyone in summer. Just search a nice packing and a birthday card. Then the present is finished.

What do you think about my tips? Have you already tasted the BOWLE TO GO by KATLENBURGER?


Bowle to go Pfirsich: KATLENBURGER

Bowle to go Erdbeere: KATLENBURGER





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