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Today ist all about skincare products. I could share a secret with you. My skin is a real sensitive character. If my skin could talk, it would certainly tell me what it all don´t like: alcohol, parabens, irritating perfume ingredients and I think much more. I´m glad that I have found LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Ultra Crème at APO-ROT, an online-shop pharmacy. Read why I really appreciate the products and see what is special about LA ROCHE-POSAY in the following.

HELP! Me and my sensitive skin – this skincare helps me

It is evident: I don´t get along with every skin care product. The most commonly reason is the combination of ingredients- LA ROCHE-POSAY does without alcohol, parabens and irritating perfume ingredients in case of its Toleriane Ultra Crème. So it is also perfect for all with very sensitive and allergic skin. Moreover, my favourite product is an intensive care, which is held as especially skin-friendly due to ingredients like neurosensins and thermal water. Among the components is also shea butter which is also quite eudermic.

Which cream I currently prefer

At the moment, I use the LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Ultra Crème by APO-ROT as well as in the morning as in evening and I feel quite good with it. The texture is so softly while applying on my skin and I love the fresh perfume. After having been tryed the product for several weeks, I could say that my skin hasn´t shown any itch or redness. So I´m very happy with it.

Which product I use for my eyes

Even my eyes are quite sensitive regardless ob beeing at home or during holiday. So I also tried the LA ROCHE-POSAY Respectissime Mascara Multi Dimensions, which is available at  APO-ROT. My eyes haven´t getting red yet and the application feels good. In fact, I´m confident. Moreover, the mascara gives more volume and definition. I think all women with smaller lashes will love this additional point. But there is another great advantage.  LA ROCHE-POSAY Respectissime Mascara Multi Dimension also supports the growth of our lashes due to a special lashes-serum. Hence, it cares and gives more style. Finally, this is a great secondary effect I think.


How to make a little ritual of your skincare

By the way, I love to make my skincare like a special ritual. That means, I listen to relaxing music and indulge myself with a short skin massage while applying the cream. Then I think of the day and feel so relaxed. It might be also an idea for you?

My recommendation: Rather buy high-quality products at the pharmacy

In general, I could recommend you to buy your skincare products at the pharmacyy if you tend to have very sensitive skin. But the common problem ist that the pharmacy has closed when I quit office. I think many of you have the same problem. For this reason, I would like to share my secret shopping tip with you: APO-ROT is an online pharmacy and so useful. Here you can shop not only products by LA ROCHE-POSAY, but also many other high-quality products for body and skincare. The greatest advantage is that you don´t have to pay attention to opening hours. So it is quite useful.

Have you already known the online-pharmacy shop APO-ROT? Which products could you recommend for people with sensitive skin like me?


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Creme: APO-ROT

La Roche-Posay Respectissme Mascara Multi Dimensions: APO-ROT


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