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written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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Today´s issue: shopping tips. Rebecca Bloomwood from “Confessions of a Shopaholic” tend to spend more money in shopping than she has available for example just because of THE wow dress. Of course, it is understandable, because it is not easy to take care of the money while going shopping and seeing all the beautiful clothes.  Today, I would like to share my best shopping tips with you how to shop clothes with more structure and save money. Finally you don´t want to freeze your credit card or be chased by someone called Derek Smeath, wan´t you?

Shopping tips: Keep the overview and save money

The movie scene when Rebecca Bloomwood is grabbing her credit card with full enthusiasm out of the ice is simply amazing. At the same time, it also shows how strong she needs money because of her attitude to shopping. In real life there are also many women which can only eat ravioli out of the can at the end of the month  because they want to follow every fashion trend – even when it´s expensive. I wonder: Could it be different?

In summer we would like to spend our money also in great outdoor activities not only in shopping. Your friends might ask to go for a lunch to the beer garden or you plan a trip to the swimming pool. But nearly nothing is for free. So I have searched for the best shopping tips how you could save money and keep an overview of your shopping.

How to save money when shopping  anti-cyclical

Can´t believe it. You have shopped a winter-jacket in august? Your friends might not understand you. But they will quickly see how smart it could be to shop anti-cyclical. Actually, certain clothing pieces and accessories are cheaper out of season. So you can inform about the up-coming trends and then search for them in the last-season collection.

The trend will be an oversize down jacket? Than just have a look at the Outlet category of well-known shops. It might be from previous year, but to be honest: Many trends repeat every year, so it won´t attract anyone´s attention.

Our smartphone is not only useful for Instagram and Co

Another aspect are several very useful shopping apps which could help you to keep an overview, for example the app called „ShoppingList“.  This app helps you to create a list and notice what do you want to shop. How to save money? Just leave your list for one night, go sleeping and have a look at the list again in the morning. Ask yourself what you could cancel. Do you need the fourth swimsuit?  If you prefer it more visual, you can try the same procedure with “Evernote”. Just upload pictures or screenshots from the clothing pieces you are interested in.

My shopping tip for summer

Nevertheless, you can also sell some clothes of your wardrobe to shop new ones. Now, I would like to show you a new look inspiration. I´m fallen in love with this dress by OASIS. In combination I style a classy leather jacket and sandals by OASIS. My favourite CHLOE bag is the perfect finish.

What is your opinion about my look? Do you also have shopping-tip to share?


Leather Jacket: OASIS

Dress: OASIS

Shoes: OASIS


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