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My personal shopping guide for winter coats

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

How looks the perfect winter coat in your eyes? Long fit and classy colour? Cosy and expressive details? Personally, I´m a real frost boil in winter so I love cosy coats like mine by RICH&ROYAL. Due to the fact, that they use wool and alpaca materials, I don´t freeze. This is just great isn´t it? So today, I would like to show you how to find the perfect winter coat and share some new styling ideas with you.

My personal shopping guide for winter coats

Have you already seen the fancy fringe details on my scarf? I love this great accessory, because the scarf is a cute statement for my cosy winter coat. You might know my expressive style from the last posts and you could see that I love the combination of different prints apart from the populace. But hw I combine prints together? Here I have already share some tips with you.

The perfect winter coat looks this way

A coat gives an outfit the perfect finish. You could choose Military Style, Faux Fur Coat or the classy wool coat and set a cool statement. Hence, the coat is very important because you don´t see the whole outfit in winter outside. I chose the classy tartan. In my opinion, a coat should be not to expressive for having more styling possibilities. Bright colours also look good, but pay attention to classy colours like red, blue and rosé.

What I could recommend you

Finally, the right fit is also quite important. At the moment, the oversize fit is seen everywhere. If you want to improve the impression of your body, you should combine skinny jeans or a tight-fitting dress.  Furthermore, I like the special material of my RICH&ROYAL coat. The surface feel is just amazing because of the wool and alpaca mix. RICH&ROYAL always pay attention to perfect fit and high-quality materials. So you have clothing pieces which are long lasting and made happy.




Knitwear: RICH&ROYAL


Shoes: AGL



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