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The next cinema night is planned – what to wear?

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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Do you plan your next cinema evening for Saturday? Today, I want to share some ideas for the perfect outfit with you in collaboration with PRELOVEE. After all, going to cinema has become unique in times of Netflix and Co. Just let your comfy joggers stay at home, today it could be something more stylish or glamourous. Here are my best ideas for the cinema evening with your best friend, a date or your partner in crime.

The next cinema night is planned – what to wear?

Do you also smell this sweet, nearly magic smell of popcorn? For me there is nothing better than this snack in the cinema and you? During the week, we rather relax on the couch watching Netflix or TV Highlights, but for the weekend it could be something special. When the movie is already planned, you should think of the whole evening: Do you prefer to go in a bar or to a restaurant before or after the movie? In general, the look has to be chic, but also comfortable because you will sit a lot.

3 outfit ideas for cinema nights

Now It´s time for planning the whole look. Here are three different outfit ideas for you:

  1. Trend Jeans of the season with Vintage Belt and Print shirt

For your cinema evening the new trend jeans of the season are simply perfect. What about Boyfriend Fit or Ankle jeans with ripped details? The special statement could be a belt which set the focus on your curves and gives the jeans an individual touch. Especially Secondhand Designer fashion online belts are the perfect upgrade for your look and of course a good invest for many more looks. I think, a print shirt could be looking quite good here. This season there is a huge diversity. Personally I decided to wear a printed jacket today with cute stars on it. In combination with the sneakers everything has this American style. Just search for some cool Vintage Sneakers on PRELOVEE.

  1. Micro Designer Vintage Bag with dress and denim jacket

For your cinema evening the small bag is enough. You might have seen, that micro bags by well-known designers are hyped at the moment, because their cute details make a look special. My tip for you: Just search for an exclusive vintage designer bag on PRELOVEE. Here you could find beautiful models. In combination to the bag, the maxi dress or the flared sweater dress could look great. I find it important, that the fit is not too tight, because it won´t be comfortable at all. Do not forget your jacket if you don´t want to freeze in the cinema. What about a stylish denim jacket with cute patches on it?

  1. Vintage leather jacket with oversize shirt and trouser in pastel colours

In spring the new pastel colours are IN. What about a clashing with the style? Therefore you have to combine white trousers to a longer oversize shirt in Rosé or Mint. The oerfect finish is a black leather jacket as a very cool contrast. Furthermore, you got a very unique total look because of the combination of lighter and darker colours. If you wish to have an extravagant leather jacket, than I recommend you to search for exciting an exclusive one on PRELOVEE. Here I have already seen many great jackets. Finish your look with some cute sneakers.





Sneakers: PRELOVEE



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