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Do you plan a trip to London for autumn? Even a longer weekend-tip sounds perfect. I mean London has a lot to offer not only the typical tourist attractions. Due to the fact that I have lived in London some time ago, I would like to share the best insider tips with you. So you can explore new locations and save money.

London for Insider: How to explore new locations and save money

A trip to London could be very expensive. Actually, you have to care about travel costs and accommodation. What cost even more are the days of stay. So in other words: You spend a lot of money for restaurants and tourist attractions in the city centre. But do not forget that there are also beautiful places where you can experience London like the locals. Off the beaten track you could have much more typical London flair.

Here are my best restaurant tips for all foodies

Bills London: Interesting story and beautiful furniture

Bills in London is well known for its impressing familiar history. The founder called Bill Collison just have started with a tiny greengrocery shop in East Suxxex and he has finally established Bills as one of the most popular restaurants in London even though there were several barriers. Meanwhile London has a few Bills restaurants. They are all well known for their unique furniture and their tasty food.

Honest Burgers: moderate prices and the best burgers in town

Are you also burger fans like me? At Honest Burgers in London you can find the best burgers in town. The prices are moderate and you have a great offer. By the way, there are several honest burgers points in London.

Polpo: Venetian Restaurant with great atmosphere

The Venetian restaurant called Polpo is a real insider tip in London. It has won the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand several times. Moreover the restaurant is perfect when you want to have a tasty appetizer during the day because the portions are not too big. I love the atmosphere here.

Peggy Porschen Café: For all chocolat fans

Just one word to say: Chocolate dreams come true. The location for all chocolate fans is the so-called Peggy Porschen Café which offers the best “Chocolate Biscuit Cake” in my eyes. Not only cupcakes but also cakes are the pure treat here.

Brixton Market

As the Brixton Market is located in one of London’s poorer quarters, it usually isn´t mentioned in most of tourists guides. But among the locals Brixton Market is a secret tip because here you can find the greatest market for Caribbean and African specialities. Furthermore you can try tasty dishes for small prices. By the way, it is also the location-to-be for artists at the evening.

Bars and more in London

If you want to drink a delicious cocktail at the evening, you will certainly find some hot-spots in the proximity of the Tower Bridge. Personally, I would like to recommend you to go on a Sunday morning in one of Londons bars. Here you can usually have the typical ”Sunday Roast” which is a rich breakfast with turkey, chicken and more. Just delicious! Do not hesitate to search for a bar more far away from the typical sightseeing points. The prices will be less expensive.

Sight-Seeing in London: Secret tips to save money and time

Generally, I suggest you to buy the Oyster Card. It has to be uploaded for example when you want to pass two zones. The secret tip is that you can only use the bus with your Oyster Card and this for the whole map. In other words: The arrangement of zones doesn´t count in this case and you can use the busses unlimited in all directions. Going by bus might take a little bit more time, but you can save money and have many more impressions of London.

Apart from that you can also save money visiting the tourist attractions. If you buy a travel card for trains, you can often use the offer “2 tickets, 1 price”.

Last but not least: At the Buckingham Palace you often have to wait a long time. Just save time like the locals and buy your ticket at the Waterloo Station (Tube). Now you can easily pass the waiting line because you already have a ticket.

Extra: My Outfit in London

Finally, I would like to show you one of my London looks. I love this flattering dress by TOPSHOP with its unique print. In combination I add some high heels by STEVE MADDEN and my favourite bag by GUCCI.

Do you likes my tips? What is your opinion of my look?






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Rebecca September 3, 2017 at 8:56 pm

Liebes, ich liebe Deinen Look! Das Kleid ist wundervoll und Du hast Dir wohl die traumhafteste Kulisse ausgesucht, die es gibt. Als ich das letzte Mal vor einigen Jahren in London war, hatte ich auch ein Hotel direkt an dieser wundervollen Tower Bridge und konnte beim Frühstück die Aussicht genießen. London habe ich bei meiner Reise planung viel zu lange verschmäht. Es wird also Zeit und Deine Tipp sind super!


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