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How to: Some French Chic for your wardrobe

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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The French Chic make us happy again, because there is coming a fresh breeze from the French Riviera to us and brings us some new summer styles with this special charme. If you have already been in France or if you have watched French movies, you would know that French women have a very special taste of fashion. Moreover Actresses like Sophie Marceau or Fashion bloggers like Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui by La Revue de Kenza are worldwide known for their French Chic. Today, I would like to present you a Fashion Week look from Berlin which is inspired by this trend. In addition, you get some tips to integrate the French Chic in your wardrobe.

How to: Some French Chic for your wardrobe

French Women even give Basics an elegant touch. In my eyes the French Chic appears clean and charming. It is unique that they create great looks with less pieces. Of course, I can´t speak of the typical French woman and there might be other styles too in France. But let us focus on the French Chic which looks easy and which we all love in Germany. I think the trend is just perfect for summer, because it seems to be like just have gone out of bed and to drink some coffee outside and enjoy the sun –and this look appears stylish by chance.

Why French Women look chic even in Basics

But where is the secret of French Chic? Why does French Women appears so charming even though there are just combine some basics and accessories without thinking the whole morning about their look. The best example for me is Audrey Toutou. The acctress always appears femine, soigné and her short haircut makes her look so special. Besides of the well-tended face and body, the unique combination of single fashion pieces is another aspect of French Chic. The colours red, blue and white are important as well as everything with stripes.  Moreover, it is necessary that every pieces fits like a second skin. Finally, the special detail of the French Chic comes from elegant accessories like a simple scarf.

My Fashion Week look in French Chic

My look has not been shooted at the Parisian Fashion Week, but on the Berlin Fashion Week and I love to bring some international flair in my outfits. So I have been inspired by the French Chic and created my look with red, white and blue clothing pieces by MARIE LUND. Details like an anchor or a scarf make the look special in my opinion. By the way, I felt in love with the scarf because you have so many styling possibilities for example as bandana, around the neck or in a modern way at the ankle. Finally I wear some sneakers by CUPLÉ to my look. The embroidered paradise style is just amazing.

That is the most important

To sum up, it can be said that the French Chic focus on elegant basics and maritime influences. The “Out of Bed” Look appears trés chic, but please soigné 😉 The look gets unique with casual accessories and minimal jewellery. Scarves and maritime bags are also a good idea.

What do you think about my look in French Chic? I´m looking forward to reading your comments.






Sneakers: CUPLÉ


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