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Flower dress for autumn days

written by FASHIONAMBIT September 23, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The flower dress accompanied us through warm summer days and was one of our favourite fashion must-haves. In autumn it gets colder – too cold for our summer wardrobe.  But there are several ways how to style your flower dress for autumn again. No, it is not with warm wool socks. We better keep this idea in our mind for winter.  Today, I would like to inspire you to style your flower dress for the beginning of autumn.

How to keep the flower dress for autumn days

There might be people who never freeze. I´m not one of this people. Do you know the german saying “Wer schön sein will, muss leiden!”? I think, this is not necessary, because there are several styling ways which make our dress warm enough for the first cold temperatures and look good. Can´t be true? Let´s keep on reading.

The flower dress gets new styling partners now

In autumn the leaves are falling down, but the flower dress extends the summer blossom for the change of seasons. Simply colours and styling partners are changing. During summer we loved espadrilles and flower dresses in bright colours. Now, it could be more of deep reed colours and muted flower prints. You could even combine it with other prints for having an exciting contrast. Have you still kept a flower dress in your closet? If not you could also shop beautiful new styles. Currently, there are many great maxi dresses or flower dresses with valance, bows or long arms.

How I find new styling ideas

When you have already found your dress, it is all about styling ideas. I recommend you to note some first ideas and get some inspiration on Pinterest. On Fashionambit you could also see several looks with flower dress. Talking about my own habits, I could say that ideas suddenly come to my heart during the day. Then I make a note on my smartphone or just take a snapshot. So this was the same with my flower dress.

Why red classy pieces look great to your flower dress

I was certain that I would like to get something in red for the look. In my eyes the colour is just amazing in autumn, because they appear powerful and seems to shine bright. So I decided to wear my red trench, I have already shown you here for the al-over red look. I like the combination of muted flower prints and one powerful colour because I think that red gives the flowers their perfect appearance.

We love these pumps now

The trench just perfect matches to red pumps. I recommend you to buy a pair of patent leather pointed shoe to give them an update. Moreover you could also combine your pumps to ankle jeans with used details. As pumps as well as trench are classy pieces, the total outfit needs a cute detail to look modern.

The special eye-catcher: Socks in all variations

This autumn you could style socks to your pumps. I´m not talking about the typical German stereotype “Tennis socks to adilettes “ 😛 . I´m thinking of something cuter like tulle socks or some flirty fish-net stockings. After all, the flower dress should rest in the focus. If it gets colder, you can also wear a pair of jeans under your dress.

After all it is important, that the jeans just reach to your ankle and that the dress is quite short. If you find a dress with semi-transparent skirt, it would be perfect to jeans.

My look with flower dress and socks

Finally, I share my outfit details with you. There is my trench by H&M which I combine to a dress and pumps by ZARA. The socks are by ASOS.

What is your opinion of my look?

Dress: ZARA

Trench: H&M

Pumps: ZARA

Socks: ASOS


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