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Fashion Week & Gala Fashion Brunch: What I experienced

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The SS17 Fashion Week in Berlin is coming to an end. Betty Barclay Fragrances has invited me to take part at the Gala Fashion Brunch in Ellington Hotel Berlin together. So you could watch me in Instagram Stories at the Betty Barclay Fragrances Instagram Account standing between the Betty Barclay Ice-Cream station and many VIP´s. Today I exclusively want to share my personal impressions of the Fashion Week in Berlin and the Gala Fashion Brunch with you.

Fashion Week & Gala Fashion Brunch: What I experienced

When the luggage is full of fashion, when all hotels in the city are fully booked and blister patches are the most demanded products in pharmacies, than it is time for Fashion Week in Berlin. This year, I was there of course and I really enjoyed the days. The exchange with other people from the fashion sector is a great source of inspiration for me

My top 5 impressions of Summer Fashion Week

One of the greatest highlights of the Summer Fashion Week  2017 has been the Gala Fashion Brunch. Together with Betty Barclay Fragrances, I took part the amazing event and shared several experiences with you on Instagram.

Here are my Top 3 Impressions of Fashion Week and of Gala Fashion Brunch.

  1. So many appointments, many more experiences: This year I indulge myself in short pauses to calm down. Moreover, I got a fresh feeling due to the use of Pure Pastel fragrances by Betty Barclay Fragrances. As well as Pure Pastel Mint as Pure Pastel Lemon are my all-time favourites at the moment, because the fragrance are totally standing for summer and the new flattering fashion.
  2. Okay, I must admit: I ate too much Ice-Cream 😉 At the Gala Fashion Brunch, Betty Barclay Fragrances presented its fragrances with a delicious Ice-Cream station. Ice-cream and the perfect fragrance is just the best on a summer day, isn´t it?It was kind of special because all sorts had been inspired by the fragrances. Due to the fact, that I´m a real #foodie and #beautylover, I could not resist.  And the same was with many VIP´s and influencers. I met persons like Riccardo Simonetti and Franziska Kuppe at the Ice-Cream station.
  3. VIP´s are also just humans who want to relax and drink coffee – and eat some Ice-Cream 😉 You often read exciting interviews about them in Magazines like Gala, which reports a lot about well-known persons. The Gala Fashion Brunch has well established itself as a popular meeting point of prominent Fashion week guests. So I had the chance to see many stars ad I realized: Everyone loves to calm down the same way during Fashion Week with Coffee, delicious food and small-talk.
  4. The designer presented great collections this year. I´m always impressed by the creative ideas and I have the feeling, that fashion just make us happy. Do you agree in this point?
  5. Also the Meet &Greet with the winners of the competition with Betty Barclay was a great moment and I was really happy to meet the wo lucky winners. We really enjoyed the atmosphere at the Betty Barclay Ice-Cream station.

Why Summer Fashion Week was a total inspiring experience again

All in all I take a luggage full of memories with me at home. When opening it, I love to remember all the experiences and think again of the whole week. After all, I have the feeling that I just refill my mind with many new ideas for my own work.

What are your plans for the next summer days? In any case, the Betty Barclay Fragrances Pure Pastel fragrances give me an amazing feel of freshness. Do you already know them? Find more about them in this posting.


Duft Duo Pure Pastel Mint and Lemon: Betty Barclay Fragrances


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