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From Fashion Week: Clashing with the style looks gorgeous

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

Clashing with the style plays an important role in summer. So I´ve decided to wear a flower dress with a casual bomber to Fashion Week. While I was heading from appointment to another appointment, I also let my looks be photographed for you. So you can get some inspiration from my latest Fashion Week look now.

From Fashion Week: Clashing with the style looks gorgeous

First of all, I think that only the perfect combination makes an outfit interesting. You can have your closet full of pieces. But if you don´t have any idea how to wear them, they are worthless. When I go shopping, I immediately have an idea in my mind standing in front of a new clothing piece. If it doesn´t fit to the rest of my closet, I don´t buy it, because it would rest in my wardrobe forever. Clashing with the style is always the best way to combine clothes which could not fit together by first sight. But read more about it in the following.

Where to find new styling ideas

My personal recommendation for new styling ideas is Pinterest. Here you can let yourself inspire by outfits from all over the world and you can just pin them on boards not to forget them. Each board get its own name and you can also keep it private. So Pinterest is just the best way to collect ideas also for the best of clashing with the style.

Another great source of inspiration for the clashing fashion

Currently, the Fashion Week has also been a great source of inspiration, of course. If you haven´t been part of the shows, there are Instagram Stories from Instyle ad Vogue. Moreover, there are several postings by fashion blogs and magazines like Vogue and Instyle showing the best of looks directly after the shows

My own Fashion Week Look with Dress by CUPLÉ and jacket by ZARA

All in all, I would like to show you my own Fashion Week Look. I decided to make a clashing with the style because it always makes a look modern and exciting in my eyes. Just play with different ways of styles, fits and just try something new. My bomber by ZARA is the perfect partner for the girly flower dress by CUPLÉ which feels great in summer. I really love the special colour and the print of the dress. On top, I add some unique shoes.

What is your opinion of my look? I´m looking forward to reading your comments


Dress: CUPLÉ

Bomber: ZARA

Shoes: CUPLÉ



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