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there is a huge trend coming up for Autumn, mesh, and I would like to give you some first styling inspiration today. I remember this material from the ´90ies when fashion was a lot of things: sophisticated, minimal or very excentric. A Mesh Shirt with Chokers and High-Waist Jeans was just one combination you had often seen. Now, after being translated by the designers and fashionlovers of 2017, the ´90ies trend material mesh become less sporty, less excentric, but more elegant and charming. Read how to master the mesh trend and get some styling inspiration in the following.

Fashion Revival Mesh: How to style it

Have you already get to know to our new favourite material mesh? Here is a short definition when not. Due to Wikipedia, mesh is loosely knitted or woven fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes. It is often used for sports clothing. Apart from this first impression, it is important to know, that mesh could also work for other styling occasions than just fitness. But how does mesh became fashion-like?

At the beginning, it have been dresses, then there was something different

You might know that the athleisure trend was coming up this season and I´m sure it will also endure the autumn season. So mesh with its sporty aspect is the perfect choice to follow this trend. But there is even more about it. Unique and fashionable, it allows you to show some skin while still shielding your body. Coming back to the ´90ies fashion trends, it can be said, that mesh has often been seeing as an overlay on top of a nude fabric on one of those girly spaghetti-strap dresses. Nowadays, mesh has become multifaceted.

What we love about this new trend in 2017

Just think of embroidered mesh tops with cute flowers or pleated mesh skirts which have this girl-band charme. They will immediately update your autumn wardrobe. Or have a look at the new collection in the shops and search for your favourite mesh one. I also recommend you to search for inspiring pictures on Pinterest and scroll through lookbook´s online.

Another point is that you might ask yourself how to combine this new mesh piece. Fashion is mostly talking about black mesh, but other colours like Rosé also look good. It is important that you pay attention to good quality and a smart combination. 2017 mesh is combined as a smart, flirty detail and not as the overwhelming headliner. In other words: Just a small dose of mesh is enough, pass an all-over look. Furthermore, I would suggest you to highlight a simple basic look with the subtile addition called mesh.

Trend alert: How to look stylish in mesh

Finally, I will let you know how the perfect appearance of mesh could look like. I really love these big sweaters, because they are so comfortable. But the common problem is that they could look TOO comfy as well. Due to the fact, that mesh has this subtile charme, I thought it could be the best addition 😉 It is just amazing that FRENCH CONNECTION have both trends in one piece. In my eye, the pleated mesh jersey dress by FRENCH CONNECTION is the perfect choice because it has this exciting contrast. I think mesh is most effective when you pair it with some opposites like oversize sweaters, romantic shirts and sporty boots. In combination to the dress I wear a pair of boots by VAGABOND and my favourite bag by CHLOÉ.

Have you also fallen in love with mesh? What is your opinion of my look?






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