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My own experience: Lashes Lifting and Wow Brows

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

You said, they are reflecting the mind: Our eyes. Today, I would like to give you my personal report about my experiences concerning lash lifting and wow brows at LAB MUNICH and on top my thoughts about the current summer beauty trend.

My own experience: Lashes Lifting and Wow Brows

We all know this problem in the morning:  You just try to remove some hairs with tweezers and then put on the XXL volume mascara. But the result is not really satisfying and there is one thought rest in our mind: Mascara hasn´t been the magic beauty wonder it had been before –even when the maximum of effect is promised. A little amount of women have those doll lashes by nature. The same concerns the brows: Tweezers will never be our best friend I think. So many of us are searching for a better alternative and exactly this one I would like to present you today.

The beauty salon of my trust: LAB MUNICH

In Munich, there is the location-to-be for all who wish a careful and professional treatment for their eyes: LAB MUNICH in Haidhausen.  Head of the team, Christina Matitz can help women and also men to get perfectly formed lashes and brows individually adjusted. The effect lasts for 8 up to 12 weeks depending on the fall out cycle of the lashes and on the case if the lashes were prepared with an serum for growth. In the following, I would like to talk about the concrete procedure.

Lashes Lifting  – how it works

At first, the lower section of the eyes is covered with tapes, than small silicone stripes are stuck on the eyelids. The eyes have to be closed the whole procedure. Afterwards, Christina Matitz puts a special lotion on the lashes to be lifted up. Now you have to wait around 8 to 10 minutes depending on the volume of your lashes. The next step is a further lifting lotion. I want to emphasize that LAB MUNICH is known for its short space of waiting time. Furthermore, they colour the lashes with a gentle product. This increases the effect.

Why I nearly fall asleep while the procedure

To sum up, I can say that the team by LAB MUNICH works very professional so I hardly feel hurt. In fact, I have to pay attention not to fall asleep – because the procedure is kind of relaxing (okay, I must admit I had less sleep during the last days because of all the business travel). After the cleaning of the eyes and the remove of the pads, I´m finally allowed opening my eyes and I´m so happy. The result can actually not be compared with the classy mascara and I could really recommend it to every woman which dream of voluminous lashes but don´t want to have artificial lashes.

All facts summarized:

  • Advantage compared to other techniques: No artificial lashes, so more gentle procedure for your eyes.
  • Pricing: 79 € with colour inclusive
  • Exclusive at LAB MÜNCHEN: the short space of waiting time as well as the price with colour inclusive

These steps are needed for your Wow Brows

Secondly, it is time for step 2 of my appointment at LAB MUNICH: Wow Brows. I don´t know If I´m the only person in the world hating the work with tweezers at home, but it isn´t my favourite to do at all 😉 So I´m glad to just lean back and let the pros doing their job. The first step is the so-called Brow-Mapping which means the measuring and the calculation of the perfect length and direction for not looking like a clown. Now, the perfect wow brow are paint first and you can check if you like it or wish to change something.

No more pain for beautiful brows

We all know the saying: If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer pain. So in other words, the next step is the removing of hairs, not all of course. To be honest, I had fear in advance, but I could say: Christina Matitz make her job quick and experienced, so I hardly feel anything. In the beginning, longer hairs are trimmed with a special pair of scissors before the warm wax is put on your brows. The next two steps include the work with the classy tweezers as well as the thread technique. Even fine hairs could be removed with this last step. Finally, it is time for the perfect finish. Christina Matitz works with a special brow pen as well as brow powder to emphasize my brows. There is the modern summer look.

Summary: Why I recommend you lashes lifting and Wow Brows

All in all, I can recommend you both procedures. Especially in summer it looks great and very natural to your first sun kissed teint. I think it is very important to choose a professional studio like LAB MUNICH. I rather spend a little bit more money, but have a reliable advice and an result which really makes me happy. Just make an appointment for a first talk at the studio and collect some ideas in advance in Pinterest etc. Personally, I was quite fascinated how much you can do with your eyes and how natural it could look.

Many thanks to LAB MUNICH for the perfect lashes and brows.


Make an appointment here: LAB MUNICH


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