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How Christmas shopping makes fun

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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Do you also enjoy the moment when you gave one of your beloved persons Christmas presents and you just get back a warm smile full of happiness? It is really magical for Christmas – do you agree with me? For the perfect Christmas surprise, I have some kind of inspiration for your presents for you today. I would like to tell you why I appreciate INGOLSTADT VILLAGE as best shopping destination and which presents I personally buy this year.

How Christmas shopping makes fun

Be honest: Christmas without presents? Unimaginable! But there are persons who have real problems to find the perfect present each year. I mean this kind of men group who stands each year the same way helpless in a drugstore and don´t know which perfume to buy. As I was shopping at INGOLSTADT VILLAGE, I didn´t see any of these men because you just get so many inspiration for Christmas presents here.

Ingolstadt Village: Strolling around between Christmas decoration and great brands

Even the entrance welcomes you with beautiful Christmas decoration. I can tell you: This was exactly the moment when I let my working stress outside and calmed down during the Christmas shopping. I think, the calm atmosphere in the shopping centre is the reason. There are amazing brands and all ways from shop to shop are short, so you don´t get in a hurry.

Classy accessories are always a good choice

For the last weeks, INGOLSTADT VILLAGE have presented an incredible collaboration with VOGUE. Hence, you could see stylish VOGUE Looks presenting the highlights of the editorial office in the shopping windows until 27.11.2016.Therefore I had perfect inspiration from brands like Michael Kors, Bally or Levis. Even after the VOGUE collaboration, you could find many inspiration for cool looks regarding the windows. What about some classy accessories for your parents? The elegant scarf or a high-quality silk drapery is always the perfect present to give their wardrobe a long-lasting update.

Diamonds are a Girl´s Best Friend

Do you know the saying? Diamonds are a Girl´s Best Friend? Of course, you could choose another price category. If you want to make your friend, your mother or sister an amazing present, you should have a look at the brand Pandora. There you could find elegant jewellery with an unique design and you don´t have to give all your money.

Exclusive tip: Coats by Peuterey

Very new ist the cool shop Peuterey in INGOLSTADT VILLAGE, a brand which combines Italian beauty with city flair. Since 16.11.2016 you have the possibility to shop the cool brand there- Especially the coats are amazing because of high quality and an unique design. Your boyfriend or husband would sincerely make great eyes when seeing a cool coat under the Christmas tree.

Important: Shopping without being in a hurry

After a few hours of shopping your Christmas presents, you might be hungry. Luckily there are many good restaurants in INGOLSTADT  VILLAGE with tasty offers. Take a seat and rest a while for relaxing and thinking about what to shop next.

What should not be missed under the Christmas tree

Among my favourites for Christmas shopping are also bags or purses with cute patches because they make every look special and let your good friend smile like you do.  What you shouldn’t miss: Jimmy Choo celebrated new opening at the 26.10 in INGOLSTADT  VILLAGE. I could really recommend you to visit the new shop. In addition, elegant shirts with decoration are also a good idea for Christmas presents. Every look gets an upgrade with them! Furthermore cozy coats with the trend colours of the season could be a beautiful Christmas presents for your lovelies. I´m sure you will find many presents. Just keep in mind: Don´t get in a hurry and trust on your gut´s. The Christmas presents which were searched by heart, are the most beautiful ones.

Special tip

Even at Christmas you could shop the last presents from 10 am to 14 pm. Perfect for all Last Minute shopping people. By the way, there is also a INGOLSTADT VILLAGE shopping card buyable.  It might be an escape for all men who can´t find any perfume this year 😉





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