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How can I recognize a original Chloé Bag?

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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A Chloé bag is for me and many other women more than just a luxury good. It is even a statement, a lifelong companion and a real state of art. If you ever have a luxury bag, you know the quality and the special design. Therefore, the market is very lucrative and many shop sellers know how to smuggle plagiarisms on the market. The problem: Many consumers are taken in by their cheating. Today, together with PRELOVEE I have the most important tips for you making a fake check for a Chloé Bag.

How can I recognize a original Chloé Bag?

We don´t have to discuss: A bag has become an important statement over the last years. Budget Looks could be easily look more expensive and the bags are handled like real treasures because we often give all our money for them. Unfortunately, you can´t be sure to buy the original bag every-time. I want you to find an Original Chloé bag, so here are my best tips for a perfect Fake Check.

Chloé Bag in Fake Check:  4 tips

  1. Choose the right shop: It is evident that fake products are usually found at the black market, but not all of us know that also normal second hand or online shops could be a trap with lots of fakes circulating through the market. So if you want to buy a real Chloé Bag, you have to check the shop seller precisely and prefer to buy at the brands shop directly.  In case you want to shop Designer second hand online, you have to be very carefully especially when there are lots of cheap offers. PRELOVEE is  the best choice to be because they only work with trusted partner shops. Hence, the consumer can be sure only to find real Chloé bags under the category.
  2. Compare pictures: If you find an interesting offer, there is a very efficient method to recognize a fake. Just compare the pictures in the offer with the official ones at the Brands website. You will clearly see certain differences for example mistakes at the brands logo or a irregular pattern which is a proofed evidence for a fake.
  3. What a reputable shop seller should offer: It is very important that you check the imprint and the location of the shop seller. If there are gaps, it can be a fake. Sale or return as well as a proof of authenticity are important documents you should ask for. But also be careful in this case: Even these documents could be faked.
  4. The Quality of the Chloé bag: At first, you should look at the well-known brand details of an original Chloé Bag. Than compare them with your offered product. It would be great if you could watch the bag live. Now it is important to pay attention for details: How looks the sewing like? Is there a number in the bag? Could you feel the real leather quality? What is about the metal applications? They should be heavy because of brass or gold metal. Furthermore the zippers are an important detail for our fake check.

I hope that my tips could help you to find an Original Chloé bag. If you are interested in further brands in the fake check, you find more helpful tips in the journal by PRELOVEE. Moreover there are so many great online second hand luxury bags there, when you don´t want to spend all your money in one exemplar.


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