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How to boost your inner beauty and looks like just coming from holiday

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

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We love to look like coming from holidays. But not everyone have the time for 3 weeks of vacation this year, so many of rest pale and stressed at the office. In collaboration with N`YOU, I would like to show you today how to look fresh and young and get this special vacation glow at home.

How to boost your inner beauty and looks like just coming from holiday

The work mate proudly shows us her sun kissed face and tells us all from her vacation at the maledives. Suddenly, it looks like she became 10 years younger and we feel old and tired again. Even the best rouge can´t help. But there is something much more important to know: Beauty come from the inside of us. Of course, the perfect make-up can do a lot, but a well-being and this special young glow comes from the inside. Moreover the first wrinkles come. Besides of a healthy eating, the collagen refresher by N´YOU, which are produced by the family managed beauty lumis GmbH from Munich, help me to look young and fresh and lean forward wrinkles.

Stress in work life – and the impact on your skin

My days begin early in the morning and ends late similar to the schedule of many other women who work a lot. Of course, you try to eat healthy and make enough sport, but that is not all of course. Dark circles around the eyes, dull hair and a pale taint are often concomitants of much stress every day. Furthermore, there is a feeling of hectic rush and restlessness.  These are my personal tips for you how to feel good without vacation and how this holiday beauty look works.

Beauty you could taste: This is the perfect addition to healthy meal

N´YOU offers Collagen Refresher which are produced on a natural basis and have a huge impact on the inner beauty. If you drink one ampule N´YOU a day in addition to a meal, you can improve the moisture and flexibility of your skin. The deepness of wrinkles could be demonstrably reduced which get more and more important for me over the last years.

Which ingredients are important for a fresh look

One ampule by N´YOU contains 2,5 g patent-registered, bio-active collagen-hydrolyzate as well as zinc and biotin. The last two ingredients are mostly well-known, but you might wonder what the purpose of collagen is.  Between epidermis and hypoderm there is connective tissue which is important for the elasticity of the skin. It consists of a special network structure which has the structure protein collagen in it. This is responsible for the flexibility of our skin. With increasing age we lost 30 percent of our collagen because the metabolism slows down. Die to the bio-active collagen- hydrolysate you can minimise this process.

Why there is always a glass of water on my desk

Especially in summer, it is very important to drink enough to give our body enough liquidity. This is also important for a fresh look. So if you always forget to drink or if you don´t like pure water, you can let yourself be remembered by an alarm clock and  try a little bit citrus in your water. This gives the water a little bit more taste and is healthier than these sugar drinks. Also the ampule by N´YOU is to drink with water. The best advantage: It tastes so good because of Cranberry and pomegranate.

Sports isn´t hard –it is important for our beauty

After a long day of working, many of us doesn´t feel motivated enough to do some sports. But enough movement is essential for our health and a fresh look. The connective tissue can be tighten with exercise and be honest: A little training never killed somebody 😉

The holiday beauty effect with self-bronzer and enough sleep

If you drink one ampule N´YOU every morning and do some sports, you will immediately notice a fresher and younger appearance of your skin. Finally, the inner beauty is the first and most important aspect to feel good in your own body. If you have to rest at home this year, you can also have this holiday beauty look. Enough sleep and special beauty products for your eyes are important for a fresh look. Moreover, you could use some self-bronzer which is harmless and create a beautiful tan without going to Ibiza or Mallorca.

How do you keep your skin young and fresh? What is your best tip to feel the inner beauty?


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