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Bomber jackets: How we finally get the coolest one

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The bomber jacket is back again this year with a huge diversity of colours and fits. If you take a look around in the shop, you will notice that special prints and luxurious materials are in trend 2017. Especially the voluminous fit is a casual eye catcher for every spring look. Today, I share my best shopping suggestions with you and give some personal tips how to find the perfect bomber jacket.

Bomber jackets: How we finally get the coolest one

Could you imagine? In the past the bomber jacket has been seen as frowned upon, because it has this image of pilot jacket during political negative times. But the development of fashion make the jacket fashionable again with a better image. Hence, it held us warm, have a flowing fit and looks absolutely stylish. So don´t wait and wear your bomber jacket again 😉

Why we should first trust in our own opinion

However you could lost your beautiful body proportions with a bomber jacket. I think everyone know the problem, when you try on some clothes in the changing room and the shop assistant always say you look good. But they often don´t tell us the truth. It might be right, that every woman can wear a bomber jacket, but not every model fits well. It is important, that you choose after a few criteria to combine it in a stylish way. Here are my personal tips:

Body type: Tall with less curves

The bomber jacket could create some curves. That means, you could wear it to a flattering skirt and ballerines to widen your silhouette. A belt set the focus on your waist and is a trendy eye catcher. Just chose a shimmering jacket with cute embroidery, bright colours or special lace sleeves.

That is you: Small and curvy

The aim is to extend your silhouette. I would choose a darker model with an oversize fit. Not to baggy, rather longer size because that stretch the body. Moreover, your curves could be set in focus with a dark jeans. What shouldn´t be missed is a pair of shoes with small high heel. Furthermore, I would suggest a longer, oversize top which is a great addition to your jacket. What about a classy bomber jacket with cute patches on it?

To sum up, it is important so say, that you should feel comfortable in your jacket. The most beautiful bomber jacket on earth can´t have the best charming effect when you don´t feel well looking in the mirror.

Where to find the best bomber jackets

After all you should make yourself an overview because there is such a huge diversity. Personally, I sometimes prefer to shop besides of mainstream and I found the shop Stadtmädel. Here is my beautiful bomber jacket with silky material from. It fits well and I love the combination with my Levis 501 Fit jeans and some sneakers by LACOSTE.  They are perfectly maching the bomberjacket and I really love the great quality. So all in all just one of my favourite everyday looks at the moment.

Which bomber jacket could be found in your closet? How do you think about my look?

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Jeans 501 Skinny Fit Clear Minds:  LEVIS

Sneakers: LACOSTE



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