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Bohemian trend: How to enjoy summer

written by FASHIONAMBIT August 16, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The bohemian trend means to me endless freedom, unique stylings and pure summer joy. The best summer trend indulges us with embroidered maxi dresses, decorated sandals, but also with pure summer joy. Thinking of these easy flattering summer styles, the HENKELL rosé tastes so fresh. In collaboration with HENKELL, I would like to show you how to enjoy bohemian summer in the city.

Bohemian trend: How to enjoy summer

In summer there is nothing better than flattering dresses, comfortable lounges and cool drink. The Bohemian summer trend booms not only in the sector of fashion and lifestyle. It also describes the current mood. We would like to enjoy summer, because no other season can gives us such a feeling of freedom. It stays longer light and warm and people tend to be more active outside. It just makes fun.

Summer: The time of endless possibilities #createyourowntradtion

It is certain that sun makes happy. No wonder that summer is just one of the most favourite seasons. I think it is also the time of nearly unlimited possibilities. Have you ever dreamed of sleeping one night outside on the balcony to see the stars? Why not, when it makes you happy 😉 According to the current device of HENKELL #createyourowntradition, the brand invites to create new favourite habits and just swim against the current, when it makes fun. Use summer to explore yourself in a new way and to live every single moment.

Bohemian trend: Summer fun in the city

After all, there are so many possibilities to enjoy summer in the city. What about making a bucket list for summer? One point on my list is that I wish to enjoy weekends more, not in front of the laptop. I really nature. Munich offers many parks for all who don´t want to drive far away. Then, you could relax outside with good food and a glass of HENKELL Rosé. For this occasion, I choose flattering dresses in bohemian style and sandals. Comfortable plus stylish! HENKELL Rosé offers the perfect cool down after a warm day, because of its fruity taste.

My top 6 ideas what to do in summer

Do you have no idea what to experience in summer? Here are my top 6 personal recommendations for you.

  1. We sleep one time on the balcony this summer. Thousands of mosquitos might be happy. But we don´t care, because we could see the great sky full of stars 😉
  2. Ice-cream or sparkling wine in the evening? Why not combine both? 😉 With your favourite fruits and the HENKELL Rosé we could just make our own ice-cream. You can find a recipe here.
  3. Have you forgotten your umbrella again? Don´t get angry. When was the last time you have been dancing in the rain?
  4. This summer, we pass the tube and prefer our bicycle. Just choose a stylish one and explore the city. I´ll bet you anything that you will find new places in the city.
  5. The next movie could be watched outside at the open air cinema. I recommend you to get a delicious picnic and the fruity HENKELL Rosé with you. This is just better than the regular Netflix-evenings, isn´t it?
  6. Visit a festival and wear wellies to your short dress. Hence, the favourite shoes don´t get dirty and we can jump around to the best of music.
Let us fill summer with unique experiences

I hope my 6 tips can inspire you to think of own ideas. All in all, I would like to invite you to write your own summer story. Just imagine a book and fill it with amazing experiences. So don´t wait and enjoy summer my loves.

What do you think? Have you already tasted the fruity HENKELL Rosé?


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