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Biker Jacket to fell in Love with

written by FASHIONAMBIT October 3, 2017

Hello my loves :*

The biker jacket is actually born to be wild. But this season it shows us its feminine side and proves that several trends could fascinate every year again. Even when we just wore them last season, I lost my heart for a product in berry colours. Today, I would like to share with you 5 reasons why you will also love the new biker jacket of the season.

Born to be wild! This is the device, the biker jacket have followed for many years. Someday people have noticed that the stylish jacket is not only the best clothing for bikers. After all, it give our looks this kind of rebel touch nearly no other jacket could achieve. I think that the biker jacket  is seen as evergreen in our closet, but I have also the impression that the classy piece fascinates us in a very new way.

5 reasons why the biker jacket fascinates us

Do you know men which appear exciting because they are charming and sensitive on the one side, but also show this special rebel touch on the other side? This is quite the same with the biker jacket. The wild look mix up with feminine details this season. So we love to cuddle with fake-fur collars and be crazy about berry colours. So amazing! You certainly notice that I´m already in love. In the following I would like to share with you 5 reasons why you will also love the new biker jacket of the season.

  1. Multifarious character: In fact, the biker jacket could not only be the wild one because it proves us that it also has a feminine side with fake-fur collars and new colours.
  2. It won´t be too expensive for you: You can also find your new match in the low budget area of coats. This is quite good because we don´t always have all our money for clothing. Great shops like Zara or H&M offer several amazing biker jackets this season.
  3. Fear to be bored? Don’t worry. The biker jacket always finds new ways to fascinate because of its manifold character. So it could be a great choice to look good every day.
  4. Despite of its rebel touch, the biker jacket perfectly matches with many other clothing pieces of your wardrobe. The reason is that it gives our looks the unique finish. At the end, I will share with you my personal styling tip. So keep on reading 😉
  5. Capability to become a long-time-lover: The biker jacket is just more than a one-hit wonder because it fascinates us again and again with its wild charm and in 2017 it adds a new side on top. Could be love at first sight.

My personal styling tip for you

Well, what do you think? I would say our enthusiasm for this must-have of the season is to be continued. Moreover, I recommend you to choose products with fake-fur collars and oversize fits that the jacket held you warm. Furthermore suede  overknees by YOOX look good with a short dress like mine by FRENCH CONNECTION. The beautiful flower print of the dress is a great contrast to the wine-red biker jacket by ZARA. Because of the similar colours and this elegant bag by CHLOÉ the look would be perfect for a dinner invitation in autumn.

What do you think? Have you already bought a biker jacket?

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Biker Jacket: ZARA


Overknees: YOOX


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