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Hello my loves,


the autumn look with sporty and cute elements is a good idea to get some change for your wardrobe now. Moreover this combination is comfortable and trendy at the same time because cosy sweaters could go with cute skirts and joggingpants are combined with elegant blouses. Would you like to follow the trend? Today I show you how to style this autumn look and give you some styling tips. See my Autum look cool sweater meets plissee skirt.


Autumn look: When cool sweaters meet cute plissée skirts


Leaves everywhere, cold autumn temperatures and a lot of rain demand for completely other clothing pieces than in summer. But this is no reason for boring outfits. Quite the contrary! Layering and the combination of different Styles are the best way to create a stylish autumn look. Especially the contrary of sporty and girlish is one of the season´s most favourites. But how to combine the single elements?


First step: Create a basis for your layering


At first you should think of which fashion charakter fits the most to you. Do you prefer elegant, sporty or casual clothing? It is evident that the own preferences are the most important for you. If you are the sporty type, you usually combine fancy sneakers with sweater and jeans. Than add a contrary to your basis. In other words: an unexpected turn makes it more interesting and unique. Fashionlovers understand it as real way of art to perfectly combine contrasts in one look. It is often the case, that you have never believed before that certain styles could work in one outfit.


Who have ever thought that sporty sweaters would love cute skirts? In general, there are several ways to combine this season. One of them is the possibility to use the effect of asymmetry. So asymmetry can connect both styling elements in an unique way. Furthermore it is also a good way to let the plissée skirt appears less cute. All in all, you can remember that different lenghts make the total look great.


The way I combine my autumn look


Finally, I would like to share my own outfit with you where I styled my dress by FRENCH CONNECTION. It is a combination of plissée skirt and sweater in one product,  but you can also combine two single pieces. I think it is very exciting to keep with one single colour and all-over is one of the biggest trends for autumn. In combination to my new dres I wear the cool lace-up boots Kenniston by TIMBERLAND. By the way…I think they become on of our favourite boots for autumn. I personally love the sporty details with the flattering material of the dress.


Talking about your autumn look: What is your opinion of mixing different materials together?


Boots Kenniston: TIMBERLAND

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Rebecca September 21, 2017 at 11:41 am

Ich liebe Plisee, besonders, wenn es noch dazu so schön transparent ist, wie Dein Rock! Die Kombination mit grob gestrickten Pullovern ist mein absolutes Favorit! Ich freue mich sehr auf diesen Jahreszeit in der man wie kaum in einer anderen so viel mit Mode und verschieden Looks experimentieren kann!

xo Rebecca


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