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Hello my loves :*

there are thoughts, we as women all know in summer. Because everyday there is another problem, the best friend might also know. My best example: The trendy of-shoulder dresses really look great. But the problem is that the new bikini which perfectly matches, have a neckholder fit. Hello bikini stripes. Who of you also know this struggle? Today, I would like to laugh about these typical summer problems with you. Moreover there is also another summer look I want to show you.

9 thoughts  every woman knows in summer

Let us laugh together about thoughts, we all know in summer. Hence, it might be annoying, but then you will recognize that the world won´t sink. I´m sure many of us know these thoughts. What I wonder about: Does men have the same thoughts in summer?

  1. Suddenly we spend our lunch time in the DM market: Who has decided to produce so many sun products? Which after sun cream is the right one for me? Heeeelp.
  2. Balconette, tankini, monokini…when the boyfriend goes swimming, he just take his trunks with him. Meanwhile, we are looking through our 50 pieces swim collection. Most important question: Can I wear my white bikini or hasn´t my teint enough tanned yet?
  3. Why does I always sit on an anthill when I´m wearing a skirt?
  4. Darling, we need another shelf in the living room. Where can I place my new souvenirs from the last holidays? The best place might be next to the 1000 other souvenirs 😉
  5. Waking up with muscle scoreness, because we had to dislocate our arm to shave the whole body  -even the hollow of the knee.
  6. The new white summer dress was so expensive, that we must eat Ravioli out of the can for the rest of the month. But what is even worse, that one day later the nephew makes a mess with ice-cream on our new dress. Uargh!
  7. Does anybody have a Kleenex for me? My make up say goodbye like ice-cream melting in the sun.
  8. Summer nights are so romantic outside. 10 minutes later: Can we go inside? I think all the mosquitos sucks all my expensive bodylotion.
  9. Going to work with the trendy and comfy Birkenstock slippers and recognizing that we have an important business meeting was deferred on today. Oops!

It is up to you In which points  can you think of your own character? I´m sure that there are more possible thoughts in summer. But now, I would say that it is time for another fashion look.

My new summer outfit tip for you

Finally, it doesn´t have to be the classy blue jeans all-time. Especially in summer I love to try new washings. I have fallen in love with the model called Clara sand washed by LTB, because it has a perfect fit and is the perfect change of the well-known jeans style. I think that the washing looks very modern and casual in summer. Add some coloured sandals like mine by PEDRO MIRALLES and combine it with special extras like a  kimono and a label shirt. Your summer look is finished.

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Kimono: similar one MILANOO

Print-Shirt: similar one ABOUT YOU

Jeans “Clara Sand washed”: LTB 

Bag: similar one GUCCI




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