written by FASHIONAMBIT September 7, 2017

Hello my loves :*

today I would like to show you a beautiful watch.hope you doing well and enjoying the sun today? I’m sitting now on my balcony and work on a new project coming soon just for you!

When I woke up today with my watch on my hand I had so many thoughts about everything what happened to me in the last time and the last year. I was thinking about time – what it brings to us if we dare to dream and live as we want to… Time is one of the most magical things in our world to me – it heals, it makes our dreams come true we only need to be passionate and work hard… This is my believing. How do you thing about time? In only one hour, minute, even second your life can turn into something completely different as you were ever expecting… This is something happened to me many times in life and for every moment I’m thankful even if you don’t understand in the first place why something happens to you… Why some people come into your life or go… Sometimes we have only minimal time to change the life and make it better. Those beautiful watch from Nicole Vienna remind me of this miracle in every step of my day and reminding me that every second could bring more than I believe. What I love especially of this watch is the minimal design and the black color. With white shirt and casual jeans or with total black look, this watch fits to every look. How would you style it?

Hope you enjoy your weekend my loves and remember to spend the time wisely- with your loves ones!

Have a nice Sunday my loves :*

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